Friday, December 11, 2009

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Californians for Disability Rights Foundation is the funding and scholarship arm of CDR - Donate today!

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Support CDR Foundation When you Shop or Search!

Free Ways to Help Californians for Disability Rights Raise Much-Needed Funds.Every time you shop at any of 700+ online stores in the iGive network, a portion of the money you spend benefits Californians for Disability Rights. It's a free service, and you'll never pay more when you reach a store through iGive. In fact, smart shoppers will enjoy iGive's repository of coupons, free shipping deals, and sales. To get started, just create your free iGive account. And when you search the web, do it through where each search means a penny (or more!) for our cause!

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Earn Community Giving Donations Every Time you Shop at Ralphs!

Do you shop at Ralphs, Krogers or Food4less?  And use their shopping rewards card to swipe at checkout? 
 Then you too can designate the CDR Foundation for receiving community giving donations every time you shop!          

Organization listing:  Number 82491  Californians for Disability Rights

Go here and select particpants to register your shopping card today!

NOTE:  This program requires every participant to reregister for their giving program every September - check you account and get current now!

Friday, January 23, 2009

CDRF Scholarship for 2009

The Californians for Disability Rights Foundation (CDRF) is pleased to offer its annual scholarship for students with disabilities.


The purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to people with disabilities who have been admitted to or are enrolled in a California college or university and who are committed to taking a leadership role in improving the lives of persons with disabilities.


For 2009, one (1) or more $500 scholarship/s will be given.


Any person with a verified physical, mental, or learning disability that substantially limits one or more major life activities, as defined in the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, who has been admitted to or is enrolled in an accredited state university, community college, private college, or university in California may apply.


Applications for the scholarship will be rated as follows:

(1) 50% Demonstrated Leadership--Please attach a brief description of the activities which you have been involved that has improved the lives of people with disabilities in California. Additionally, include your major and degree level that you are working towards. Lastly, include a discussion of your involvement, if any, in intercultural activities and provide evidence of your development towards a positive leadership style.

(2) 50% Essay-- In a short essay outline your educational and vocational goals, activities, organizational memberships, and plans to serve as a role model or otherwise improve the full participation of Californians with disabilities in all aspects of community life.


Print and Mail the application

Postmarked no later than March 2, 2009

Send completed application to:

CDRF C/O Ben Rockwell

475 W 5th St. #2-G

Long Beach, CA 90802-6619

Or email to:

Completed application must be postmarked no later than March 2, 2009.


The scholarship will be awarded on March 30, 2009.



Please Print or Type the Application.

1) Name ________________________________________________

2) Address ______________________________________________

3) Telephone ___________________________________________

4) Major/Educational Goal: _________________________________

5) Vocational Goal: _______________________________________

6) College or University You Attend or Have Been Admitted to: _______________________________________________________

7) Class level: (Circle one)

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Graduate

Expected graduation date__________

8) Are you currently a member of CDR? ____If you would you like to become a member, please indicate. _______________________________________________________

Please remember to include the following information in your application:

 Scholarship Application

 Verification of disability (by DSS Director, Rehabilitation Counselor, doctor or other professional)

 A letter of recommendation from a faculty member or other individual who has knowledge of your academic ability and achievements.

 Documentation of enrollment in or acceptance by an accredited college/university.

 An essay regarding your educational and vocational goals, activities, organizational memberships, examples of your leadership qualities, and plans to serve as a role model and/or otherwise improve the lives of Californians with disabilities. Describe how this scholarship will help you to reach your goals.

Essay has the following requirements:

 Not to exceed four typewritten pages

 Double spaced,

 14 point font

 One inch margins

 Last name and page number on each page

I verify that the information on this application, and in the included documentation, is true, complete, and accurate and furthermore that the essay is my own work and not attributable to any other source.


(Signature) (Date)

Completed application must be postmarked no later than March 2, 2009.

For a Document Click Here: